Winter Maintenance Tips

As the seasons change, your house may have different obstacles. During the summer, you need to keep your roof cool to help increase the service life of your system. However, during the winter, you may need to worry about ice formation. A roofing company near Jackson, MS, may offer advice on the maintenance you should undertake during winter. While it may be tempting to stay bundled up inside during this cooler season, getting some maintenance work done may keep your home in top shape.

Protect Your Roof

Snow can add a lot of weight to your roofing system, but it may also put unexpected weight on tree limbs. By trimming back any branches that hang over your house, you may protect your roof. Fixing attic ventilation, repairing broken shingles and hiring a professional to properly clean off your roof may also be a great way to keep up the protection.

Increase Insulation

If you notice that your home is hard to heat, you may need to install insulation. Adding this extra barrier along exterior walls may help keep your home heated. You should also check the insulation in your attic. This area should be insulated against the house, but the heat should be able to escape the attic space or you may have a problem with ice formation on the roof.

Clean Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause a problem all year long. Cleaning this system can help reduce water damage, and it may also protect the gutters themselves. For example, if water gets stuck in a gutter, the product may crack as the water turns to ice. The extra weight could even cause the fasteners to break.

Call for More Help

If you have questions about any maintenance needs, be sure to call a trusted contractor. Here at Complete Exteriors, we know the importance of maintaining your house to avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. Taking preventative steps now can help decrease the work needed in the spring.

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