When is the Best Time for Siding Installation?

Is your home in need of new siding? You may look at the exterior of your house and wonder when you should call in the experts. What time of year is best for siding installation? Do you have to wait for spring to replace your siding? It may not be too late to take on this project for your home.

Cool Weather

You may think of summer as the perfect time to take on home improvement projects, but the warm weather may affect your project. This is especially true for vinyl siding in the Madison, MS, area. When it is hot out, this material expands. If it is installed while it is expanded, it may be nailed to your home too tightly. This error could lead to your big investment getting cracked and broken right when the temperatures start to drop.

Because of the woes of hot weather, fall and early winter in this part of the country could be the right time to get new siding. Not only will your materials be in optimal shape, but the workers are less likely to overheat.

Low Prices

Many construction companies find that business starts to slow down during the fall. For you, this could mean it is easier to schedule your installation, but it might also mean you can get a lower price. Some companies offer reduced rate on labor and manufacturers may offer clearance prices on materials.

Efficient Home

While the Mississippi winter may not be here yet, the weather will likely get cooler. Hiring a siding contractor now could help prepare your home for the change in weather. Even if the temperatures don’t drop drastically this season, it simply gives you extra time to prepare your home for the hot weather that is inevitably coming next spring and summer. By replacing your siding, you may make your home easier to heat and cool. It is always the right time to increase a home’s energy efficiency.

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