What Does GAF Certified Certification Mean?

You may be surprised to learn that it doesn’t take much to become a roofer. In fact, in some states all it takes is a hammer and some basic knowledge of roof installation. In Mississippi you also need some money to pay for a license from the MS State Board of Contractors, but beyond that there are very few qualifications. With that in mind, how do you know you are hiring the best when you get a Jackson, MS roofer? One way to tell is by seeking out a GAF Certified ® Certified contractor.

Benefits of Certified ® Certification

All roofers are not created equal, and the best way to ensure that you get a great roof for your Jackson, MS home is to hire the best. That’s where certification from GAF, a leading roof shingle manufacturer in the U.S., comes in. In order to achieve this qualification, roofers in Jackson must:

  • Meet all state and local licensing requirements
  • Carry proper insurance to protect customers, homes, employees, and subcontractors
  • Have a good reputation as a quality contractor
  • Complete ongoing professional training requirements

It’s a high bar to meet, and for that reason there are only a handful of GAF Certified® Certified contractors out there. In fact, according to GAF, only 3 percent of all roofing contractors meet all these requirements.

Other Reasons to Hire a Certified Contractor

If quality is not enough to sway your decision, consider this: 93 percent of people who own property would provide a positive recommendation for their GAF Certified® Certified contractor to their friends and family. These contractors’ extensive educational background in all things roofing, plus their commitment to customer service, make them ideal people to work with on any Jackson, MS roofing project.

Plus you won’t need to worry about long-term issues because GAF roofing comes with one of the best warranties in the business, and they are one of the top manufacturers standing behind their product.

A roof is a big asset and a big investment in your home, and not something you want to trust to just anyone who says they are a Jackson, MS roofer. Only trust your roof to the top quality roofing professionals—call a GAF Certified® contractor today.


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