Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

The frigid temperatures and snowy, icy weather of winter take a toll on your roof. To make sure your roof emerged unscathed from winter, it’s important to prioritize roof maintenance tasks now that the weather is improving.

Spring Roof Maintenance

As the leading local roofing company, Complete Exteriors highly recommends starting a regular roof maintenance program. This will help improve your roof’s performance and appearance, and it can also save you significant time and money. Here are a few maintenance tips:

Inspect the Flashing

Standing on the ground with a pair of binoculars, inspect your roof’s flashing for any signs of damage. Your flashing protects the most vulnerable areas of your roof such as the roof penetrations, the roof valleys, and the areas where your roof meets a well. Loose or damaged flashing leaves a gap where water can enter and wreak havoc on your system. Call us if you see any problems with your flashing, and we’ll provide the necessary repairs.

Check Gutters and Downspouts 

Inspect your gutters for leaves, pine needles and other debris. It’s important to get rid of any obstruction, as gutter clogs can cause roof leaks and major water damage to your home. We recommend working with a gutter and residential roofing expert like us for the proper maintenance and repairs.

Pay Attention to the Attic

Be on the lookout for mold, algae stains and soaked insulation in your attic. These can be signs of roof leaks or improper ventilation. Soaked insulation leads to poor energy efficiency, so we recommend calling for repairs as soon as possible. Our team can investigate your roof and see if there are any small, undetected leaks. We will repair the problem and restore your roof to good condition.

Working with a qualified roofer helps keep your roof in good condition. When it comes to both residential and commercial roofing needs, look no further than Complete Exteriors. We are committed to customer service and satisfaction and can provide you with quality services. Call us at (601) 910-6238 to learn more about our services. We’ll even offer you a free quote. We serve Jackson, Brandon and nearby MS areas.

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