Wood Roof in Pearl MS

Wood Roof in Pearl MS

Shingles and shakes made of wood have been a preferred choice for protecting homes for hundreds of years. Today, homeowners choose wood roofing in Pearl MS for a variety of reasons, including achieving a traditional look, a desire to use natural materials or for historic accuracy. Complete Exteriors, LLC has years of experience in the specialized process of installing, maintaining and repairing wood roofs. Here are more advantages of this roofing material.

  • Natural beauty
  • Long service life
  • Resistant to strong winds, impact and insects
  • Up to two times more insulating than asphalt shingles
  • Eco-friendly

Wood Roofing Contractor in Pearl MS

The Difference Between Shingles and Shakes Wood Roofing

Many homeowners ask us about the difference between wood shingles and wood shakes. Wood shingles are sawn or cut to be uniform in size and thickness. Wood shakes are more irregular in appearance and have at least one split face. Both are usually available in varying widths, one of the features that give a wood roof its rustic appearance.

Trust Professional Pearl, MS Roofers for Quality Wood Roofing

A wood roof is naturally beautiful and long-lasting, provided it is designed and properly installed by a skilled Pearl, MS roofer like Complete Exteriors, LLC. Contact us for a free estimate for wood roofing in Pearl MS today by calling (601) 326-2755 or completing our online quote request form.


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