Picking Complementary Exterior Products


Are you working on a large exterior home improvement project? Maybe you’re replacing your roof, siding and gutters in Jackson, MS. Perhaps you’re just replacing one or two of those elements. Either way, you need to pick products that complement each other. Use the following tips as you pick out new gutters, roof materials and siding:

  1. Focus on Texture

There are a lot of different options available to you when it comes to roofing materials, siding and gutters. As you think about the type of materials you want to get, you need to focus on the texture of each product. Will the brick exterior complement the slate shingles? Work with a design expert and use online tools to get a clear idea of how the texture of the products will work together.

  1. Pick Color Combinations

Color is another important feature to focus on. You don’t want to have too much variety when it comes to color. Vinyl siding in Jackson, MS, comes with a lot of color choices. Even gutters can add color. Experts suggest you pick between two and three different colors to use on your home. The first color can be the main body, the second the trim and the third the door for a little extra pop.

  1. Don’t Forget Durability

The curb appeal of your home is important. However, the durability of the products you put on your home is equally, if not more, important. You don’t want to have a great looking home that will leak at the first sign of rain. When it comes to gutters, siding and roofing in Jackson, MS, you need to pick a product that is sturdy, cost effective and complementary to the style of your house.

Whether you’re adding in one new exterior feature or changing them all, you have to make sure that you make wise choices. Pick products that go together in both texture and color. Work with a home improvement contractor to help you pick out durable products that look good.

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