Is Your Home Ready for Fall and Cooler Weather?

There are a few home improvement projects you may want to complete before the cooler weather arrives. For example, your roofing in the Jackson, MS area should be assessed, repaired and cleaned as needed to ensure it will protect the structure of your home. You may also want to complete these projects:

  • Outdoor Water: Because of the potentially cold weather, you should store any hoses and drain water from outdoor pipes. This will help ensure your pipes will not burst.
  • Clean: Fall is the perfect time to clean your gutter system and roof. If leaves are left in either location, water may not be able to properly drain away from your house.
  • Inspection: After the roof is cleaned, you may need to do a quick inspection to make sure everything is ready for winter. Your fall roof inspection will let you know if any minor repairs are needed.
  • Chimney: Chimneys are most often used in the winter, but before you can safely use yours, you need to make sure it is clear. Blockages could cause dangerous gases to get caught in your home, which may lead to a fire.
  • Seal Leaks: If you notice drafts around your windows or doors, you may want to fix those issues before the cold weather sinks in. Gaps in weather stripping, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, may account for about 10 percent of a person’s heating bills.
  • Paint: Do you notice peeling paint on your siding? This could be a sign that you are in need of a siding repair. 
  • Insulation: Fall is also the perfect time to make sure your attic insulation is adequate. If you notice sections have fallen down or seem to be thin, you may want to add some more.

It may seem like there is a lot to do before winter, but you do not need to worry. You can work with a team of professionals to get your home is ready for winter.

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