How to Work Smoothly With Your Contractor

How to Work Smoothly With Your Contractor

Whether you’re investing in asphalt shingles, tile or metal roofing, a roof replacement is a complex project that can be stressful if it’s not handled properly. In today’s post, Complete Exteriors, LLC shares tips on working smoothly with your contractor to ensure an efficient and pleasant roof replacement experience.


Have Good Communication

Clear and regular communication makes any project proceed more smoothly. At the beginning of the project, establish a preferred method of communication with your contractor, whether through email, phone calls or in-person meetings.

Keep a Project Journal

Keeping a project journal helps you stay organized and ensure that deadlines are being met. You can note any questions or concerns you have, current project progress, as well as reminders for other services you’re interested in pursuing, like fiber cement installation.

Track Everything in Writing

Keeping receipts for any additional services rendered helps you keep track how much it will add to your bill. It also prevents confusion down the road in case there are any misunderstandings about the work being done.

Check Their Work

Double-check your contractor’s work after they’ve finished for the day. See if they are still in line with the original plan or if there is anything they might have missed. You deserve the quality work that was promised to you.

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