Beauty and Efficiency: 5 Worthy Home Remodeling Projects

The ideal home improvement project will enhance both your home’s beauty and energy efficiency. In today’s post, Complete Exteriors suggests six home remodeling projects that can help you achieve both a more attractive and greener home:

1. Redo Your Lighting

Your interior lighting is the perfect way for you to enhance and accentuate certain areas of your home. It also sets the perfect ambiance. Whether you want the vibrancy of bright lights or the calm, subdued effect of dimmed lights, it is the perfect upgrade. This is also a chance to invest in eco-friendly lighting options to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

2. Remodel Your Doors

The simple act of remodeling doors can give your home a significant boost in terms of beauty. It makes things look different and, with the right touch, can serve to accentuate surrounding aspects of your home. New, high-quality doors are also more energy efficient than your old units.

3. Enhance Your Siding

Your siding is one of the most visible components of your home. By giving it an upgrade, you increase your home’s curb appeal. Fiber cement siding, for instance, is a great siding option that combines aesthetic appeal, durability, and energy efficiency.

4. Give Your Roofing an Upgrade

Roofing upgrades are among the most popular home improvement options. Certain types of roofing can bring the elegance homeowners want as well as the sheer functionality they need. Metal roofing is one such option that provides both beauty and energy efficiency.

5. Update Your Windows

Your windows are a top source of excess ventilation. Investing in energy efficient window replacements will give you a more comfortable interior—and lower energy bills.

It’s called home improvement for a reason. These projects will increase your home’s appeal and overall efficiency.

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