A Look at Commercial Gutters

Do commercial buildings and residential houses require different gutter systems? For the most part, a gutter is a gutter. For example, the function of a gutter remains the same whether on a commercial building or a home. Gutters are supposed to direct water away from the foundation and walls. However, commercial gutters in Madison, MS, do have a few key differences when compared to their residential counterparts.


Most gutters are made from aluminum, copper, vinyl or galvanized steel. For commercial properties, galvanized steel and aluminum are more popular due to their durability. Typically, curb appeal is not as important for a commercial building, so copper is rarely used.

Size and Shape

Most commercial buildings are larger than residential homes, so they need a bigger gutter system in Madison. Gutters usually come in two sizes—5 inch or 6 inch. Either size can be installed on either type of building. The shape of gutter is usually described as box or K-style. Box gutters are the common choice for commercial roofs because they have a larger carrying capacity and a propensity for clogging. As most commercial buildings aren’t near too many trees, it’s usually not a huge issue.


Finally, the codes for residential and commercial buildings are quite different. The codes for a building depend on the city and state, but commonly, commercial buildings have to have a certain size gutter in a specific material. Your Madison contractor should be up-to-date on all of the building codes. This means he or she will be able to help you pick the gutters you need on your building.

Small Differences

When it comes down to it, in general a gutter is the same whether it’s on a commercial or residential property. Of course, it is important you pick the residential or commercial gutters in Madison, MS, that will best fit your building, needs and budget. Talk with a contractor to learn more about the differences between gutter products, so you can pick what is right for you.

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