5 Exterior Color Palette Ideas for a Welcoming Home

5 Exterior Color Palette Ideas for a Welcoming Home

Updating your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint is a practical way to boost your curb appeal. From classic to bold, the right color schemes can achieve your desired feel while reflecting your personal style. If you’re having trouble choosing the best hues for your metal roofing or fiber cement siding, Complete Exteriors is here to help. Read on as we share five exterior color palette ideas you can use to make your home more inviting:

Exterior Color Palette Ideas

1. Crab Apple Blue Gray Beige Red can make a grand statement for your home. Opt for a warm and earthy red to complement traditional homes. To achieve a timeless all-American feel, pair it with a blue door and beige shutters.

2. Apricot Peach Cream Green There’s nothing boring about choosing a single color for your exterior. To add visual interest, select similar shades of peach for the body and trims. Polish the look off with a green entry door, which can serve as a unique focal point.

3. Green Celestial Blue Cotton White Do you want your home blend in with nature? This color palette is a good choice if you want your home to complement its natural surroundings while still standing out. Choosing soft pine green for your fiber cement siding can create a soothing effect when paired with a sky blue accent and a downplayed creamy white door.

4. Prairie Brown Gray Gold Modern home styles can uphold a warm yet minimalist appearance with muted shades of brown, gold, and gray. The brightest brown serves as the base, while the darker accent colors emphasize the architectural details.

5. White Putty Taupe Olive Green If you have a classic home with stucco, stonework, and a steep roof, consider natural color schemes. The simple yet elegant mix of soft taupe with olive accents can create a stunning backdrop for your landscape.

If you need more inspiration, Complete Exteriors is here to offer recommendations. We have experience working on many different home styles, which is why we know the best ways to achieve a harmonious look for your exterior. You can rely on us for your home improvement needs, including roofing, siding, and gutters. Call us at (601) 326-707-9498 for more information about our offerings. We serve Jackson, MS.

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