3 Essentials to Maximizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

3 Essentials to Maximizing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

While it may not be evident to you as a homeowner, your home’s flaws will be glaringly obvious to passersby and guests. Seeing the same exterior every day makes you oblivious to the problems it might have. Complete Exteriors, the top contractor, shares the three areas you should focus on for maximum curb appeal:

 Home’s Curb Appeal

Your Siding

There are numerous material options like vinyl, metal and wood from which you can choose when it comes to your siding. Each one has a distinct look and different strengths and weaknesses. Wood, for instance, provides a charming and rustic look, but is prone to mold growth and rot. It’s important to choose a siding that’s best suited for your home’s design and your location’s climate.

Fortunately, with our James Hardie® fiber cement siding, you won’t have to choose. It comes in a variety of colors and textures that will complement virtually any home style, and thanks to the HardieZone™ system, you can have a siding that’s designed specifically for the climate conditions in your region. Additionally, it’s an eco-friendly and highly durable option that requires very little maintenance.

The Roof

A new roofing system helps freshen up your home’s exterior, improving its efficiency and boosting its resistance to the weather. The right roofing material, along with proper installation, can provide lasting beauty and protection for years. Not all roofs can offer the same benefits, however, so it’s important to consider them carefully.

Metal roofing is among the top choices for the majority of homeowners. Available in steel, copper and aluminum, modern metal roofs have long services lives and excellent reflective properties. This means you spend less on maintenance and repairs, and get to enjoy a reduction in your energy expenses. Metal roofs come in multiple textures and a wide selection of colors.

Gutter Systems

Nothing makes your home more unappealing than peeling paint, blistered siding and rotting wood frames. All these are clear signs of moisture damage, which is a result of water running down the sides of your home from the roof.

Investing in our quality gutters can prevent this from happening. They effectively channel water away from your home and into the ground, keeping your exterior dry and damage-free. As an expert contractor, we’ll install the right gutter color and style to complement your home’s exterior.

Turn to Complete Exteriors for an all-around home upgrade that will improve your curb appeal. We serve communities in Jackson and the surrounding areas in MS. Call us today at (601) 202-4366 to get a free quote on your remodeling project today.

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