3 Areas to Prioritize in Your Home Improvement

If you’re debating which part of your home to upgrade for your next home improvement project, start by examining the most crucial areas, such as your roofing, siding and gutters in Jackson, MS. Complete Exteriors, your premier home improvement company, shares why you should focus on these three vital components.


Your gutter system keeps your home dry and damage-free by channeling rainwater away from your roof and siding. Failure to repair or replace faulty gutters can lead to costly water damage in your home. If your gutters are already old and failing, you should turn to Complete Exteriors for a replacement.

We offer three types of gutter replacements: seamless, aluminum, and copper. Each ensures durable and lasting draining performance. We also offer excellent gutter protection technology to keep your system healthy and clog-free.


Your siding is your home’s barrier against water, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures, and it also contributes significantly to your home’s appearance and curb appeal. If you notice gaps, cracks, and rot in your siding, it’s time for an upgrade. We recommend new James Hardie® siding, which incorporates exclusive fiber cement in Jackson, MS, ensuring durable weather resistance. When treated with ColorPlus® Technology, your new siding can sport lovely, fade-resistant colors that last longer than a regular paint job.


Your roof needs to protect you from the elements, and of course you also want it to look good. If your roof has leaks or has sustained other damage, turn to Complete Exteriors for expert repairs. Our professional crew can inspect your roof’s condition, determine the source of leaks, and perform the necessary repair work to restore your system to rights and extend its service life.

If the damage is extensive, we may suggest roof replacement. We specialize in quality installation of asphalt, slate, wood, and metal roofing in Jackson, MS. All can deliver the exceptional weather performance your home needs, while also boosting its curb appeal.

Turn to Complete Exteriors for your home remodeling needs. Call us today at (6201) 326-2755 for a free estimate.

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